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Wednesday, March 14, 2007
Sports Update

I don't have much profound to say, but it would be unfair to blog readers to be forced to turn to Elster for sports commentary. So here are some brief thoughts:

1. Jets - Aside from the acquisition of Thomas Jones, the Jets have been quiet this offseason, with their only significant free agent signing being that of ex-Cowboys backup DE Kenyon Coleman to a surprisingly large contract. In the meantime, the Patriots and Dolphins have both made major moves.

I will reserve judgment on the Jets offseason for now, but clearly the Jets still need to improve the right side of their offensive line, and add a cornerback and either another defensive lineman or an outside linebacker. Likely, the Jets will focus on defense during the first three rounds of next month's draft.

2. Mets - I haven't been following spring training too closely, but have noticed the good performances thus far by Lastings Milledge and Mike Pelfrey. As I said at the time, I thought the Mets made a big mistake keeping Milledge off the playoff roster last season. As for Pelfrey, I would still err on the side of his starting the season at AAA. If he pitches well over his first 10-12 starts, the Mets can call him up around June 1.

3. Rangers - Last night, the Rangers continued their maddening streak of losing games they led 2-0. Overall the Rangers have put together a nice effort to get back into the playoff race, but they are so decimated by injuries that the playoffs remain a longshot. Unlike the Islanders, who have made significant strides under the leadership of Ted Nolan and yes, even GM Garth Snow, the Rangers remain rather directionless.

4. Nets - The Nets have also been badly hurt by injuries, but that's not an excuse for their 30-35 record, especially since they have gotten solid performances from Mikki Moore and Boki Nachbar. Lawrence Frank is simply unable to get his team to play hard every night. Vince Carter in particular mails it in all too frequently.

If the Nets can make the playoffs as the #7 seed, they will have a good chance to make it past the first round. The key for the Nets, however, will be trying to get something of value in a sign and trade for Vince Carter after the season. If instead the Nets sign Carter, they will likely look to trade Richard Jefferson. Unless they are offered two starters, one thing the Nets should not do is trade Jason Kidd. With better coaching, when Nenad Kristic returns in 07-08, the Nets should be talented enough to contend in the weak East.

5. NCAA Tournament - I used to care. Unless Brooklyn College or Columbia University are in the bracket, I don't anymore.