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Friday, April 13, 2007
Jets Schedule Comments

The Jets' 2007 schedule offers pros and cons. Here are some thoughts, with the pros first:

1. Enduring three "three-days yom tovs" won't be easy, but the reward is that Jets fans won't miss a single game, and can daven on Rosh Hashanah without worrying about the Jets' score. (The Mets may be another matter.)

2. The Jets play six home games in their first ten games, allowing season ticket holders to enjoy the late summer and early fall weather, with the brutal Giants Stadium wind likely only coming into play for the final two home games.

3. The Jets are on the road for week 2, against the Ravens. That's good because week 2 falls out on Tzom Gedaliah, and Jets fans do not want to be subjected to an Al Sharpton like attack from superfeldman.

Now for the cons:

1. Following a suggestion by Jewboy, I had been thinking about driving down to Baltimore for the Ravens game. The idea of rattling the Ravens fans and the New York-phobic Baltimore frummies alike was quite appealing. Alas, even without superfeldman's self-righteous protests, a road trip on a fast day just isn't feasible.

2. Late season home games may be uncomfortable for fans, but they're good for the Jets. While in 2006, the Jets went 6-2 on the road, 2007's opponents are much stronger.

3. The early season schedule is difficult. The first seven games are home vs. New England, at Baltimore, home vs. Miami, at Buffalo, at the Giants, home vs. the Eagles, and at Cincinnati. In the past, the Jets have often gotten off to a slow start against good teams and could not recover.

On the other hand, in a sense, the early season schedule could prove to be a blessing. If the Jets can start strong despite the schedule, perhaps they can become real contenders.

Overall, the 2007 schedule certainly looks tougher than last season's relatively soft one. To contend again for a playoff berth, the Jets will need improved play and to again avoid major injury, especially to their quarterback.