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Sunday, April 01, 2007
Mangini's Departure

With Passover starting tomorrow night I have little time to write about Eric Mangini's shocking decision to leave the Jets "for personal reasons."

The Jets will have to act quickly to fill their head coaching void. Brian Schottenheimer will likely be a lead candidate. At the very least, the Jets must ensure that Schottenheimer remains offensive coordinator. Otherwise, the Jets will have their fourth OC - and fourth system - in four seasons.

As for Mangini, I have little interest in the speculation regarding his decision. However one feels about Mangini's announcement, few can argue that he has left the Jets better than when he replaced Herm Edwards after the '05 season.

With less than three weeks until the draft, the Jets must move forward. Whether the Jets again spiral backwards will depend on their decisions in the weeks to come.