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Thursday, May 31, 2007
Israel Quandary

Either during the summer or for Succos, I have gone to Israel almost every year since 1995. Neither terrorism, war, El Al Succos prices, or the brutality of flying (twice) with a baby have deterred me.

In my very little spare time, I must soon decide whether to go to Israel this summer. Along with the warm air, my mind is increasingly wandering to thoughts of brunch at Atara Cafe (which I learned yesterday has supposedly closed), Friday night visits to the Western Wall, hanging out in the Old City, and hurriedly walking past the small park on Ramban Street before my son notices and demands that we stop there.

In addition to the expense (contrary to El Al's false advertisements, tickets for July and August are in the $1500 range), there is the matter of my having to take not one but two young children, ages (in August) 2 1/2 and 8 months.

Putting aside the fact that during previous trips I could barely do anything in Israel with one young child, let alone two, there is the matter of dealing with two babies in airports and on the plane.

Indeed, Lanie and Jewboy still haven't recovered from their measly flight from Atlanta to Baltimore with just one child.

I still shudder when I recall Robert Avrech's post about flying to Israel and being seated right behind a couple and two babies.

There is nothing like dealing simultaneously with the hatred from fellow passengers and the screaming of one's children for an entire 12 hour flight.

One possibility is to go to Israel myself for 5 or 6 days, and then upon my return join my family on a second excursion closer to home, perhaps Niagara Falls and Toronto. For some reason my wife does not like this idea, though that hasn't stopped me from picking up AAA's travel guide to Ontario and showing her all the exciting attractions, like the Hockey Hall of Fame.

The other is to bite the bullet, hope for the best, and go to Israel with my wife and children for a visit of around 12 days.

If we choose Option B, I may also take our babysitter, who would give us an extra hand in the airport and airplane, and babysit while in Israel. My fear is buying her a $1500 ticket and her then changing her mind about going.

The third option is not to go to Israel at all, but that's hardly a viable option.