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Monday, May 21, 2007
Mets Fans Suck

At Shea last night, Yankees fans kept chanting "Let's Go Yankees."

To which many Mets fans responded: "Yankees suck."

I don't mind the occasional "Yankees suck" chant. Indeed, since Friday my two year old son has mysteriously been blurting out "Let's Go Mets" and "[Y]ankees suck."

I happen to be optimistic that the Yankees run of 12 straight playoff appearances will end this season. I'm enjoying their struggles as such as anyone.

But we all know that the Yankees do not suck. The recent dominance and the 26 World Series championships attest to that.

When will Mets fans get over their inferiority complex and primarily chant "Let's Go Mets," with "Yankees suck" reserved for special occasions?