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Wednesday, May 30, 2007
Mets Notes

1. While I remain apprehensive about the Mets prospects of finally winning a third World Series, I am enjoying the 2007 season a lot more than 2006. I think this is because this year's team is winning more like the traditional good Mets teams: With overachieving starting pitching. Nobody expected John Maine and Oliver Perez - let alone Jorge Sosa - to perform this well.

2. I never understood the big deal about Carlton Fisk's Game 6 homer in the 1975 World Series. Sure, it was a very dramatic moment, but the next night the Red Sox lost Game 7, and they would go another 29 years without winning a World Series.

Now I have a similar peeve about the continued euphoria about Endy Chavez's catch in Game 7 of last season's NLCS. Mets fans do not seem to remember what happened a little later that evening, when the Mets blew a golden opportunity to win the pennant and probably the World Series.

3. Rather than boasting that he could pitch better than Roger Clemens right now, Pedro Martinez should be quiet and focus on his rehab. If Pedro can pitch better than Clemens can, why won't he even be throwing off a mound until July?

4. The debate about whether to acquire a number 1 starter (Elster is on record supporting such a move even without any details as to who the Mets would trade) is probably be an academic one, since no number 1 starter will likely be available. That's another reason why the Mets will need Martinez to come up big down the stretch and hopefully in the postseason.

5. Recently I criticized Mets fans for chanting "Yankees sucks" more than "Let's Go Mets." Since then, when I have reveled in the Yankees misery, their fans have called me a hypocrite.

Make no mistake: It is pathetic to enjoy the Yankees last place performance more than the Mets first place performance. It is fine, however, for all to enjoy the downfall of the evil empire in The Bronx.