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Sunday, May 27, 2007
Tashbih Sayyed

The Zionist Conspiracy mourns the untimely passing of Tashbih Sayyed, editor-in-chief of Pakistan Today and a heroic and tireless champion of a truly moderate Islam.

Four years ago in an article in National Review, Dr. Sayyed stated that only after Muslim terror is defeated and discredited could a Palestinian state be formed.

Following the Mecca Accord leading to the formation of the national unity government between Hamas and Fatah, Dr. Sayyed wrote:
The Mecca Agreement is a big victory for the Global Jihad against the West;
it not only accorded international legitimacy to a terrorist organization
without making it to give up its traditional positions but it also allowed Hamas
to receive hundreds of millions of dollars from the Saudis and the

The outcome of the summit has made it abundantly clear that the Mecca
Accord worked to harden the Palestinian attitudes; it strengthened the Arab
resolve to destroy Israel and empower the Palestinians in their quest to achieve
this Islamist goal. It brought Mahmoud Abbas closer to the Hamas platform,
allowing Palestinians to feel more confident in their campaign against

Against this backdrop, it can safely be said that if there are going to be
more summits like the one that just failed, they must not be convened without
satisfying some basic questions.

First: Can there be peace in the Middle East without Arabs accepting
the right of the Jewish state to exist? If the answer is no then these summits
will always be exercises in futility...

And second: Can a Palestinian national unity government comprising of Fatah
and Hamas be trusted? A national unity government with Hamas as a component will always remain a terrorist entity. History is a witness that Hamas has never
betrayed its founding principle: the destruction of the Jewish state. Any group,
whether it is Fatah or anyone else, that joins with Hamas without making it
renounce terrorism, accept the right of the Jewish state to exist within
defensible borders and give up its demands, like that of the "right" of
Palestinians to "return" to their "ancestral" homes, must be looked upon as one
that has embraced the Hamas ideology of terror.