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Wednesday, May 30, 2007
Yeshiva World and Darfur Refugees

Yesterday, Yeshiva World News reported on Israeli Justice Minister Daniel Friedmann's call for Israel to accept Darfur refugees based upon "instructions in the Torah which teach about compassion."

Comments called Friedmann a hypocrite because he never before expressed any interest in the Torah or its principles. Those comments were not necessarily offbase in that regard, especially considering that Friedmann was a member of the anti-religious Shinui party, something that those commenting apparently were unaware of.

Nevertheless, a number of these comments were quite offensive. Friedmann was referred to, derisively, as "a Tzaddik," an "apikorus," and perhaps worst of all, as a "Zionist." The final two comments, including one from Charlie Hall, objected to the insensitivity of those commenting to the plight of the refugees.

While a few comments on a website cannot be deemed to reflect the sentiments of charedim generally, they remain disturbing. It is legitimate to ask whether charedim care about the refugee, as well as how they relate to the State of Israel, and to what extent the comments to the post about Darfur reflect the view on the charedi street.