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Thursday, June 14, 2007
Four Comments

1. How ironic that Omar Minaya is featured in a fawning SI article just as the Mets pay the inevitable price for his terrible offseason. Moises ($9 million) Alou can thank Omar for his very well paid vacation, as can Brian Bannister, Heath Bell and Royce Ring for being given opportunities to excel elsewhere, but Mets fans must now watch this team implode on account of the complacency and arrogance of Minaya and Willie Randolph.

While the Mets' season is of course not over, their deep slump clearly shows that even if they win the NL East, they probably have too many holes to be World Series champs.

2. Perhaps the Jets should have quietly given guard Pete Kendall the raise his wants before his discontent became public, but now that Kendall has ripped the Jets organization and made clear that he won't honor his contract, the team must set an example of him by making him languish on the roster before cutting him as close to the season as possible.

Kendall is a bit overrated; by now he's an average offensive lineman at best. Still, the Jets offensive line remains mediocre, and Kendall is probably better than what they have on the bench.

3. Ehud Barak's election as Labor party leader became inevitable once Amir Peretz endorsed Ami Ayalon. Still, it's shocking even for Labor that a man who failed as badly as PM as Barak did would be invited back to lead the party and be its next candidate for PM.

4. On an emotional level I must admit to enjoying the spectacle of Hamas and Fatah terrorists killing each other. But what is happening in Gaza is not good for Israel.

Most frustrating is the insistence of Condi Rice and George W. Bush that "progress" be made in talks with PA leader Mahmoud Abbas.

No matter how clear it is that Israel has no peace partner, the international community demands that Israel pretend it is engaged in a "peace process," with the "process" taking priority over all else.