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Sunday, September 16, 2007
Week 2

1. Today's impressive 4th quarter comeback cannot hide the fact that the Jets defense appears to have no playmakers, the offensive line and the running game are a mess, and the kickoff coverage is abysmal.

2. While I expect poor defense from David Barrett and have given up hope that the defensive line can generate a pass rush, the mediocrity of Jonathan Vilma and Kerry Rhodes are particularly frustrating. The touchdown at the end of the 1st half was unacceptable.

3. Eric Mangini's decision to attempt a 53 yard field goal late in the 2nd quarter was the worst of several questionable decisions. The Jets had 4th and 3 and Mangini should have gone for the first down.

4. Ben Graham's punting is getting progressively worse, even as Mike Nugent's kickoffs improve.

5. I keep hearing great things about Justin McCareins' work ethic, but he just doesn't get it done in games. He simply has terrible hands and because of him the Jets lost an opportunity to send the game into overtime.

6. Against the Ravens' dominant defense, Kellen Clemens was forgivingly unimpressive for the first three quarters. He could not pick up the blitz and held the ball far too long when under pressure. Of course he looked great in the 4th quarter. While Chad Pennington will likely start next week vs. Miami, if the Jets are not at least 4-5 by their Week 10 bye, Clemens will probably be their starting QB.

7. The offensive line is a disaster. D'Brickishaw Ferguson is especially disappointing.

8. Thomas Jones had a few nice runs, but hardly seems like the major impact player he was purported to be.

9. The latest Mets meltdown completed a miserable sports day. While the Mets are still in control in the NL East, their bullpen and their buffoon of a manager leave little hope of a third World Series victory occurring in 2007.

10. The lone good news is that the Chiefs appear headed for a terrible year. Kudos to Herm Edwards, who turned a team with a great offense and an average defense into a team with a mediocre offense and defense.