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Sunday, September 30, 2007
Week 4

1. Before turning to the latest Jets debacle, congratulations are in order to the New York Yankees, who are heading to the playoffs for an incredible 13th consecutive season. In May, while crediting the Yankees legacy of winning, I expressed skepticism that this year's team could recover. I was wrong. Even a .900 hitter like me is wrong 10 percent of the time.

In the past, Yankee-haters have charged that the Yankees "bought" their way to success. There can be no dispute that this year's team made it to the playoffs the right way - with young, homegrown pitching talent. Brian Cashman's refusal to trade Joba Chamberlain and Phil Hughes makes him executive of the year regardless of how far the Yankees go during the postseason.

2. I will get to the Mets tonight or, more likely, sometime tomorrow.

3. Turning to the Jets, more than anything they were outcoached today. On offense, they had success moving the ball but had an ultra-conservative first half gameplan, presumably figuring that it would be one of those 13-6 victories. Chris Baker was again largely ignored, and Thomas Jones looks like the reincarnation of Kevan Barlow. The offense barely threw downfield until late in the 3rd quarter. During the final drive, the Jets inexplicably wasted lots of time on dumpoffs and screens to their running backs.

4. The defense was soft again. Darrelle Revis played like a rookie, while David Barrett played like the over-the-hill corner he is. Again there was rarely any pass rush, and little blitzing after the first quarter. For a rookie QB to pick apart the Jets like Trent Edwards did makes it pretty clear that the 2007 Jets are going nowhere. Eric Mangini's 3-4 defense on a team without personnel for the 3-4 appears to be a bust, while Mike Tannenbaum must be blamed for a poor offseason.

5. Former 2nd round pick Mike Nugent is paid to kick field goals. His miss at the end of the first half was inexcusable.

6. To complete a miserable sports day, after last week's record performance, my fantasy football team is getting trounced by Elster's hapless group. At least Elster is happy.