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Friday, September 21, 2007
Where Has All The Pitching Gone?

Over at MoCs, Bob Miller asks this about the Mets.

The answer is easy! The pitching is in:

San Diego: Heath Bell (2.22 ERA in 85 innings). Traded by Omar Minaya for nothing (particularly Jon Atkins and Ben Johnson) last offseason.

Baltimore: Chad Bradford (3.38 ERA in 61 innings). Omar Minaya refused to give him a three year contract last offseason.

Florida: Matt Lindstrom (3.34 ERA in 62 innings). Traded by Omar Minaya for nothing (particularly Jason Vargas) last offseason.

Kansas City: Brian Bannister (12 wins, 3.61 ERA in 164 innings). Traded by Omar Minaya for nothing (particularly Ambiorix Burgos) last offseason.

Los Angeles (Angles): Darren Oliver (3.36 ERA in 62 innings). Omar Minaya did not offer a contract to Oliver last offseason.

Atlanta: Royce Ring (2.95 ERA in 19 innings). Traded with Bell by Omar Minaya for nothing last offseason.

And let's not forget Henry Owen, who was traded with Lindstrom to Florida for nothing last offseason, and had a 1.96 ERA in 23 innings before hurting his shoulder.