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Monday, October 01, 2007
Blogger Scholars: Elster's World Has Multiple Authors

For nearly 2 1/2 years, the blogging community has assumed that Elster's World has contained the posts of a 30 something lawyer named "Elster" about his family, his sports teams, his efforts to get his book published, and his television program interests.

Now, a group of Blogger scholars who have closely analyzed the text of Elster's World have concluded that the blog, rather than being constructed by a single author, has multiple authors - indeed as many as four, including at least one female.

The scholars note a large number of contradictions in the text of Elster's World. For example, after expressing strong support for the Mets' signing of Julio Franco and praising Franco's clutch hitting and team leadership, "Elster" now has lambasted the Mets use of Franco.

Similarly, after years of support of Mets General Manager Omar Minaya's moves following the 2006 season, "Elster" suddenly contradicted all of his prior posts, and now blames Minaya for failing to upgrade the team. "Elster" also repeatedly insisted that the Mets bullpen was fine, while he now argues otherwise. He also attacked an argument a few weeks ago that the Mets were "imploding," yet now writes that the Mets implosion was "a done deal" weeks ago.

Similar contradictions in the text are apparent in "Elster's" analysis of the New York Jets. At times "Elster" supports Jets quarterback Chad Pennington, and at times not. "Elster" sometimes felt that Herm Edwards was the perfect person to lead the Jets, but on other occasions called for Herm to be replaced.

With respect to the New York Knicks, in some posts, "Elster" wrote that the Knicks have no talent and team president Isiah Thomas should be fired, while absolving ex-Knicks coach Larry Brown of blame for the Knicks' failures. Yet "Elster" also often wrote that the Knicks are filled with talent, and attacked Thomas for failure to coach the team to their capability.

Perhaps most bizarrely, "Elster" has been both a passionate fan of the New York Rangers, and an anti-hockey zealot who railed against physical play in the NHL.

As further evidence for their argument that "Elster" could not have only one author, the Blogger scholars noted that "Elster" not only closely followed sports, he also watches every ABC television program and almost everything on ESPN, owns a mediocre fantasy football franchise, has recently authored several books, holds a grueling job as a New York attorney, complained about his very long commute to and from work, and purported to be a devoted husband and father of three children, even as he authored Elster's World and several other affiliated blogs, and commented on dozens of other blogs.