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Thursday, October 18, 2007
The Jets Askanim Must Go!

No matter how many times I address this subject, it probably isn’t enough. But this time I address it with a sense of hope that things are truly changing. There is silence no more. People are finally noticing that the emperor has no clothes. I am referring to the latest of a number of articles written by prominent Jets fans decrying the way ‘Tangini’ are handling problems.

To be sure, they still venerate Tangini and reiterate the requirement to listen to their every word. But that disclaimer aside, the message is very clear: Tangini are clueless.

This time it is Elster. Just to repeat what I’ve often stated, I am one of his biggest fans. I am probably his only reader. Not that we always agree. But we do agree a lot. And on the primary point of his article, we are one.

In an article in Generation Jets magazine he basically rips apart Jets askanim. And he does it masterfully. Jets fans who surround Tangini, shield them from the public, and feed them information filtered… and often distorted… through their own biases.

Had this article been written by me, I would have been ripped apart by my detractors… as I often am when I write about these things. I would be called a ‘Chad addict’. A 'Laveranues lover'. 'Vilma's veiber'. But this time it isn’t me. It is Elster.

Of course I can’t tell ‘Tangini’ what to do. Compared to them, I am a peon. And despite the popular conception about me, I would never have the Chutzpah to do so, anyway. But were they to ask my advice, here is what I would tell them: Get rid of your Askanim! They may mean well but do not serve you well and may destroy you... and the New York/New Jersey Titans/Jets in the process.