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Tuesday, October 30, 2007
New Sports Blog

We at The Zionist Conspiracy are pleased about the latest addition to the coverage of sports in the J-blogosphere.

Hirhurim, written by Gil Student, opened yesterday with a debate about Rav Soloveitchik and the Red Sox.

My own sense is that the evidence presented fails to show that the Rav was really a Red Sox fan. More likely, living in Boston, he was somewhat aware of them when they were prominently featured in the news.

Unfortunately, some zealots are outrageously accusing Rav Soloveitchik of declaring, after the Red Sox lost the 1978 AL East race to the Yankees, "I've had it rooting for the Red Sox. For sixty years, this has been one of the worst sports franchises in all of professional sports. It ranks right down there with the Cleveland Indians, Cleveland Cavaliers, St. Lous Cardinals, San Diego Clippers, New York Nets."

Hopefully Hirhurim will continue to feature posts about sports.