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Sunday, November 18, 2007
Patriots Are Overrated

"With respect to the Pats, I believe you and everyone else is over-rating their off season personnel moves. Aside from A Thomas at linebacker, I'm not quite sure what everyone is raving about. According to what I read last year, R Moss has lost a few steps and isn't close to being the receiver he once was. D Stallworth is erratic with below average hands. K Washington hasn't shown that he's an every down wideout. Wes Welker, he isn't keeping defensive coordinators awake at night. Aside from having the benefit of a name that strongly resembles former Jets star deep threat Wes Walker, he's mediocre. While the Pats still have good talent and great coaching, their off season moves haven't, in my opinion, separated them from the rest of the league."

-Jetsphan, May 1, 2007