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Sunday, November 18, 2007
Week 11

I'm back from Steelers Stadium, where the Jets defense - finally let loose by defensive coordinator Bob Sutton - overcame a hostile crowd to steal the game from Pittsburgh.

As pathetic as the pro-Steeler crowd was, it did make the victory especially sweet when the mostly drunk Steelers fans stumbled out in a stunned stupor.

Kellen Clemens looked mediocre, especially on goal to go situations, but was helped by fine pass protection in the Jets' late 4th quarter drive to tie the game.

Brad Smith looks unimpressive at wide receiver.

Thomas Jones looked good at times, but the Jets need a short yardage back for 3rd and short and near the end zone. They could have and should have signed T.J. Duckett.

David Harris had another strong game.

The Jets have no chance against the Cowboys. At least they'll get their Week 12 loss over with quickly, and those of you who won't be working can enjoy the rest of Thanksgiving weekend.