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Sunday, November 04, 2007
Week 9

The Jets followed their usual script today. Kickoff return touchdown, good start by the offense based on a short passing game, overuse of the shotgun, little run game, very few downfield throws and almost no deep passes, ill-timed dropped passes and penalties, terrible run defense, an inability to get stops on 3rd downs and not enough 3rd down blitzes, and a flat second half performance on both sides of the ball.

The Jets' game-tying field goal drive was a diversion from the script. That drive was alright, but even though they had plenty of time, there was never a sense that the Jets would go for a game-winning touchdown.

Pete Kendall manhandled the Jets defensive line today.

At least David Harris looks like a player. But the Jets have so many holes that trading five picks to move up for both Harris and Darrelle Revis was the wrong move.

As good as Leon Washington has been returning kickoffs, he's lost on punt returns.

Eric Mangini is starting to resemble a young Rich Kotite.

Thankfully, next week is the Jets' bye.