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Friday, November 02, 2007
Weekend Musings

I don't have time for any detailed posts, so some quick thoughts about various topics:

1. With Yigal Amir, the murderer of Prime Minister Rabin, back in the news, the crazy right is back in force. The other night in Queens, someone was ranting, to the apparent agreement of those around him, that Amir should be prime minister for the holy task of killing Rabin. Then two minutes later, he was screaming that the Israeli Shin Bet had actually killed Rabin, not Amir.

If Amir was framed, why should he be credited with the murder by being appointed prime minister?

Logic has never been the fanatic right's strong point.

2. I am very interested in politics and in political debate. I read different kinds of publications, and am interested in different viewpoints.

What I can't stand is being subjected to political speech in shul. In that setting, I am unable to express my own opinion, while being forcibly subjected to someone else's. At best, those forcing congregants to listen to their political diatribes lack respect for the masses' ability to mind up their own minds. For me, I feel like a hostage, and this is the case even when I agree with the opinions expressed.

3. In principle I have no problem with the Mets trying to sign A-Rod, but in real life it makes no sense. The Mets are fine at shortstop and third base, and to weaken David Wright by forcing him to move to another position would be a bad idea. As I recall, past Mets experiments in moving players out of position have almost always failed miserably.

Unless the Mets can obtain Johan Santana by making Jose Reyes the centerpiece of a deal, A-Rod and the Mets are a bad fit.

4. So are Tom Glavine and the Mets. I don't get Omar Minaya's love for Glavine and desire to overpay for him. Both with the Mets and Braves, Glavine has been mediocre in key games. Perhaps Omar is feigning interest in Glavine to ensure that the Braves pay him as much as possible.

At this point, Curt Schilling would be preferable to Glavine, and if he's healthy, Kris Benson would be an okay replacement too. Neither appears to be on Minaya's radar, however.

5. Here's the latest idiotic statement from Herm Edwards: "there have been some positives. We haven't seen them on the scoreboard on Sundays, but there are some things going on Monday through Saturday that I'm encouraged by. I'm happy where the program is."

Actually, Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum said this in today's Newsday. Specifically, "Tannenbaum pointed to the progress of Abram Elam, Brad Smith, Leon Washington and Jacob Bender."

Tannenbaum is officially a moron. Elam committed a major penalty against the Bengals, and then put a hard hit on teammate Darrelle Revis on Sunday, taking away an interception from Revis and giving Bills WR Lee Evans an 85 yard TD pass.

Bender was inactive the first seven games, and then played sparingly on special teams on Sunday.

Washington has been good in kickoff returns but has been invisible on offense. Smith has been a little bit more visible, but his 14 receptions and 1 touchdown are modest progress at best.

Tannenbaum forget to mention the fact that his team's offensive line and defensive line have been terrible and that both the linebackers (except David Harris) and secondary are unable to tackle.

But that's only on Sunday. I hear the Jets are looking great the rest of the week, particularly Thursdays.