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Tuesday, December 25, 2007
The Daniel Cicciaro and John White Tragedy

Since his fateful encounter with the angry and drunken group led by Daniel Cicciaro Jr., my sympathies have always been with John White

Yet while I wasn't on the jury and didn't hear all of the evidence, my sense is that the jury got it right convicting White of manslaughter for shooting dead Cicciaro. In the end, you can't just kill someone, not even if they are cursing you, calling you "n*****" and threatening you and your son outside your own home.

Cicciaro has been labeled a punk in the New York Post. The bottom line, though, is that while his behavior on the fateful night was not exactly exemplary - indeed it was despicable - he did not deserve to die.

White seems to be a good man who did exactly what many others would have done. Sleeping in his own bed, he was awaken to find himself in a terrible situation. He is a very sympathetic figure and hopefully will not serve more than a short prison sentence. But that's for the Judge to decide. The jury seems to have done the right thing in applying the law, as was their civic duty.

Of course, if White were Italian-American and Cicciaro and his friends were black, we know what the jury's verdict would have been. That is, in the unlikely event that any charges would have been filed at all.

We can also come to our own conclusions as to why no charges whatsoever were filed against Cicciaro's friends. And why John White knew that calling the police would solve nothing.