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Thursday, December 06, 2007
Jason Kidd's Night Off

UPDATE: I do not believe Kidd's denials. He claims he told the Nets at around noon yesterday that he had a bad headache and wouldn't be able to play. Don't headaches often subside? Can't migraines be treated? How would he know more than seven hours before the opening tip that he would be too "sick" to play?

I had the misfortune of being in East Rutherford last night on a night when Jason Kidd decided not to bother showing up.

When the starting lineup was announced with Eddie Gill playing the point, I figured Kidd's back must have flared up. On the way home, when I heard Kidd had a "migraine headache," it became obvious that something else was going on.

Indeed, reports are that Kidd is unhappy and, notwithstanding his $19,700,000 salary, decided to take the night off.

Kidd may well have valid reason to be unhappy. Rod Thorn has consistently failed to find an adequate supporting group and keeps sticking with Lawrence Frank. The Nets denied Kidd's request for a one-year extension, which was then leaked - likely by the Nets - to the media. Kidd is frustrated and wants to either get a contract extension or play for a contending team.

Not showing up to play is inexcusable, however. Stephon Marbury was justifiably lambasted for similar behavior, but at least Marbury did what he did in the heat of an argument with Isiah Thomas, and quickly retreated and apologized.

Unfortunately, Kidd's antics will likely pay off for him. In the end, the Nets may have no recourse but to trade him for whatever they can get. If that happens, he won't have to play in East Rutherford anymore, and the remaining loyal Nets fans will have even fewer reasons to continue showing up.