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Wednesday, December 12, 2007
The Mitchell Report

UPDATE 2: 12/13/07 2:25 P.M. - I've reviewed the text of the report. Not much of substance considering that he investigated for 20 months. Almost all of Mitchell's information came from two sources or rehashes old news.

UPDATE: 12/13/07 10:40 A.M. - ESPN is reporting that Roger Clemens appears in the Mitchell Report as an abuser of steroids, while Andy Pettite will be reported to have used human growth hormone. Perhaps the Mets should be retroactively declared 2000 World Series champions - unless, that is, their catcher and/or second baseman from that year are also named.

Earlier today, Elster stated that in the event the Jets somehow cheated by videotaping the Patriots (a notion for which no evidence at all exists), he would be disgusted with his team.

More than 6 1/2 years ago, George Mitchell issued the first Mitchell Report, a maddeningly evenhanded investigation requested by President Bush into who was to blame for the Palestinian terror war that had started the previous September.

Tomorrow afternoon, Mitchell will be back with the latest Mitchell Report, which will name current and former players who used steroids and other performance enhancing drugs.

While only a select few know who is on the list, it is more than speculation to sense that at least a few prominent members of the Mets and Yankees will likely be named in the Mitchell Report.

What if a popular player who led off for the '86 Mets and was a star during that year's NLCS and World Series appears in the report?

What if an otherwise certain Hall of Fame catcher who would later star for the Mets is named? Or a Mets second baseman who was a star and was then gone and quickly forgotten? Or a talented but erratic closer who blew saves when they most counted? Or a backup catcher whose pinch hit homer sent the Mets to the NLCS?

Will this - and should this - affect our memories of the rare good times?