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Sunday, December 16, 2007
Week 15

1. Today's game was similar to last year's visit to Foxboro, the difference ultimately being that the Jets' coaching, offense and special teams made numerous mistakes, wasting a great performance by the defense.

2. Kellen Clemens only threw one pass, but his 1st quarter interception was inexcusable. Clemens was rushed and then hit hard, but he could have thrown the ball out of bounds instead of in the middle of the field, where it was predictably picked off and returned for a touchdown.

Through seven starts, Clemens' accuracy and decision-making remain poor. If he's healthy, he probably should start the remaining two games, but not because he gives the Jets the best chance to win.

3. I believe it was Adrian Clarke who was beat on that play. Clarke has been terrible all season in place of Pete Kendall, who GM Mike Tannenbaum never sought an adequate replacement for.

4. Also terrible all season has been Justin McCareins, who dropped a first down on 3rd and 13 (I believe that on the next play Ben Graham's punt was blocked), slipped on another play, dropped the ball on special teams into the end zone for a touchback instead of downing it at the Patriots 2 or 3 yard line, and then bobbled a touchdown pass.

McCareins has to go and the Jets need better wide receivers. With Coles hurt and Cotchery at much less than 100 percent, there is nobody to throw the ball to.

5. Eric Mangini's decision to feature Brad Smith in the QB position during drives in Patriots territory was idiotic. The Patriots are too well-coached to repeatedly fall for the same gimmicks. Going for it on 4th and 2 inside the New England 20 and having Smith throw in that spot was particularly stupid.

Not satisfied with his 1st quarter failure, Mangini again put Smith in during the 3rd quarter after a Revis INT put the Jets' at the Pats' 34. Smith predictably couldn't get anything going.

In a close game, the heavy reliance on Smith was bizarre at best.

6. Mangini notably did not even bother to try to get Thomas Jones involved today. Jones has proven himself to be a mediocre RB whose durability allows him to accumulate a decent number of yards.

7. Just two weeks to the Herm Bowl and the merciful end to the Jets' abysmal 2007 season.