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Sunday, December 23, 2007
Week 16

1. Is there any Jet fan who did know when the Jets accepted a penalty giving them 1st and goal rather than a Mike Nugent go-ahead field goal that they would end up scoring nothing at all?

2. No matter who plays QB next season, the Jets will continue to be terrible unless their offensive line somehow dramatically improves. Anthony Clement and D'Brickashaw Ferguson were particularly terrible again today. Ferguson looks like a complete bust. My guess is that he will develop into an average tackle.

Today's Giants game is a good example of how important an offensive line is; the Giants' run blocking again covered for terrible QB play.

3. Ben Graham has been shaky, but changing holders didn't work out too well today, did it?

4. Brad Smith may be a great athlete, but he does not seem to be a very good NFL player.

5. Typical idiotic announcing today. First, the repeated praise for Eric Mangini because the Jets "are playing hard." Yeah, 3-12 is just great. Mangini and Herm will battle it out for coach of the year.

If that weren't bad enough, we were informed that Brian Schottenheimer is soon going to be snatched away. I'm sure teams will be bidding high to replicate Schotty Jr.'s playcalling and leadership.

Last but not least, we were told that the Jets offensive line "has had to be reworked due to injury." Injury? No, the offensive linemen are healthy. They're just terrible.

6. Mike Tannenbaum may be able to crunch numbers, but he has no business being an NFL GM.

The terrible OL is bad enough. So is the fact that all of his free agent signings have failed.

Worst of all, B.J. Askew is a Pro Bowl alternate for Tampa Bay. That's a huge indictment of Herm Edwards and Mangini for refusing to play Askew, and of Tannenbaum for getting rid of him.

7. Jerricho Cotchery and David Harris played well.