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Sunday, December 30, 2007
Week 17

1. I've at times been critical of Herm Edwards, but today he executed his game plan to perfection.

As Herm says, "any drive that ends in a kick is a good drive." Today the Chiefs punted ten times and kicked a field goal. Kudos to Herm and the entire Chiefs staff, especially assistant HC Dick (Who Am I? Why Am I Here?) Curl.

2. I never root for the Jets to lose, but ... let's just say it's much better to have the #3 pick in the draft instead of the #6 pick.

In any event, that was one terrible football game.

3. It's true that the offensive line has provided poor pass protection for Kellen Clemens, but Chad Pennington was brutalized the same way and it cost him the starting job.

Through eight starts, Clemens remains very unimpressive. He has a strong arm but remains inaccurate and indecisive. He leaves the pocket almost immediately even when he has time.

It's too early to tell whether Clemens is another Browning Nagle or if he will develop into a solid starter. But automatically handing him the starting QB position for 2008 would be a mistake. Unless jetsphan is right and the Jets can get a second round pick for Chad Pennington - I think a late 3rd round pick is the best offer the Jets will get - I'd keep Pennington and let him and Clemens split reps during mini-camp and the pre-season while battling for the QB job.

4. It was refreshing to finally not see Brad Smith on offense today. Instead, Wallace Wright got some overdue playing time and made a couple of nice catches, including on the long pass from Leon Washington.

5. Darrelle Revis was hardly seen today, which probably means that he played very well. David Harris played well again too.

6. Congratulations to MoC for defeating my 8-9ers to clinch The Zionist Conspiracy FFL title.

In contrast, Elster started three inactive players. Pending tonight's Titans vs. Colts game, Elster's decision to rest his tired team will probably result in a close loss to superfeldman rather than a comfortable victory. Perhaps Elster was hoping to secure a better spot in next year's fantasy football draft.