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Tuesday, January 08, 2008
Bush In Jerusalem

Good luck to all those stuck in Jerusalem during President Bush's visit this week.

I am surprised that the IDF is closing off Judea and Samaria from Jerusalem. Doesn't the Bush Administration favor removing all of the roadblocks and allowing Palestinians to move around freely? I think the visit by Bush and Condi Rice would be a great time to provide confidence-boosting measures to Israel's eastern neighbors.

For a little while I was a bit annoyed about all this Israel bashing by our executive branch, but that's just because I'd been so busy that I missed out on the latest important religious developments.

Now I've learned that many Orthodox rabbis and lay readers have apparently converted to the religion known as Republicanism, and therefore would never say a bad word about Our Lord and Savior George W. Bush.

Indeed, the ways of President Bush are mysterious, but we all know how much he loves us. Perhaps almost as much as he loves our soldiers in Iraq and in Walter Reed Hospital.

It's also reassuring to know that the same folks who succeeded so well in preventing Oslo and the destruction of the Gaza communities are now leading the way against Annapolis.

Speaking of Gaza, we should all be proud of our heroic support of the ex-residents of Gush Katif. It's always great to visit them in their new trailer parks. With the help of Ehud, W, Tzipi and Condi, it won't be long before those trailer parks are filled with the voices of lots more Jews, kein yirbu.

Lonely enemies of peace and right-wing Jewish fanaticism like me have little to do but hope that the Winograd Commission soon puts an end to the Olmert government, and that January 20, 2009 arrives before Bush and Rice permanently render Jerusalem as uninhabitable as it will be this week.

In the meantime, the NFL playoffs, Willie Randolph, Chad Pennington and Isiah Thomas will help us pass the time. And the Rangers are back home and Jaromir Jagr just scored!

UPDATE: Things are not going so well at MSG. Sports is indeed a waste of time.