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Monday, January 14, 2008
Week 19

The worst coach in pro football history (other than Rich Kotite) [is] Norv Turner.

-MoC, November 19, 2007.

Football is so much more enjoyable when the Jets are not playing.

The Packers vs. Seahawks game was the least competitive, but what I liked about it was that despite the snow, the Packers continued to play aggressively on offense. Most teams play a super-conservative offense in poor weather conditions (see Steelers vs. Dolphins). Throughout the game, my three year old son implored me to play with him in the snow. I assured that where we live it would snow tomorrow night (i.e. last night) and that we would play in the snow then.

Jacksonville vs. New England was enjoyable to watch but ultimately frustrating. The Jags blew a few good opportunities and fell short despite an excellent performance by David Garrard.

Both of yesterday's games were fantastic. Unfortunately, the Colts' loss strongly reduces hope of a Patriots loss. A banged up Chargers team has very little chance in New England. I couldn't help but root for San Diego despite that. The Giants' late 2nd quarter drive was the best of Eli Manning's career. For some reason, the Cowboys offense completely stalled after that.

The Cowboys and Colts looked sleepy, like the Bucs did last week. The recent practice of playoff-bound teams shutting things down late in the season appears to me to be a terrible idea.

Overall, this past NFL weekend epitomized what is great about sports. Weren't we just hearing about how Wade Phillips proved Bill Parcells to be a has-been, how Tom Coughlin and Norv Turner could not coach, how Peyton Manning and Tony Dungy erased all doubts about their playoff performances, and how Eli Manning couldn't get it done in the clutch?