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Tuesday, January 22, 2008
Week 20

1. Congratulations to the Giants on another fine performance. Bad job by Brett Favre forcing pass after pass, and bad playcalling by the Packers when they gave up on the run game after the first half. I also didn't understand why Green Bay didn't call timeout before Lawrence Tynes' overtime field goal.

Tynes is extremely lucky to have had a third chance. He was all set to be the Giants' version of Doug Brien - and Brien's misses were from 43 and 47 yards, not from 36 yards.

2. The Chargers defense played the best anyone has this season against the Patriots, but their injuries on offense and their offense's settling for three short field goals wasted that effort.

Phillip Rivers deserves a huge amount of credit for undergoing minor surgery on a torn ACL (he'll now need major surgery) and playing. That said, the Chargers probably would have been better off with a healthy Billy Volek.

The guts displayed by Rivers is another reminder of John Abraham's gutless refusal to play during the 2004 playoffs. Last I heard, Abraham was the missing piece to the Falcons' Super Bowl run.