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Wednesday, February 13, 2008
Jason Kidd

I'm pleased with what the Nets are getting for Jason Kidd.

Kidd is unhappy and had demanded a trade, will soon be 35, is a free agent after next season and the Nets are only 23-29 with him.

The Nets are getting Devin Harris - who is signed through 2013, two first round picks and salary cap relief in the form of expiring contracts.

The first round picks will likely be very late 1st rounders, but the Nets should still be able to find young, cheap bench players with those picks.

In the short term this is a step back, but I'm not sure that in the NBA going 39-43 is much different than going 33-49. More important is that this allows the Nets to begin their rebuilding process immediately, in sharp contrast, for example, to the Knicks' trade of Patrick Ewing, from which they have still not yet recovered.