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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Two people (neither of them named Elster) have kindly offered to buy me a beer. In that spirit, here are a few quick thoughts:

1. When I went out for lunch a little while ago, a man was laying on the ground bleeding from the mouth and face and screaming in pain. He was on a bike and had been hit by a small van around five minutes earlier. Even given the traffic in midtown, suffice to say that the amount of time it took for an ambulance to finally come makes one appreciate Hatzalah. In that regard, I was ready to call Hatzalah when an ambulance finally arrived. Had I done so, hopefully G-d would have forgiven me.

2. I'm concerned about Obama and Israel, but would have been only a little less concerned about Hillary. And I'm concerned about John McCain too, who, everyone is forgetting, has said that he'd send Brent Scowcroft or James ("F*** The J*ws") Baker as Middle East envoy.

3. Obama's speech in Cleveland indicates that in his mind, "Likud" is a dirty word. That said, perhaps Hillary's experience in New York has educated her about different views on Israel, but her husband's administration wasn't exactly friendly to Likud PM Binyamin Netanyahu, was it?

One thing about Obama's speech that nobody seems to have picked up on is his statement that "members of my national finance committee, like Lester Crown, are considered about as hawkish and tough when it comes to Israel as anybody in the country."

Let's put it this way: That's like saying, "Herm Edwards is as aggressive and innovative on offense as anybody in the NFL."

Crown is a major supporter of Peace Now.

4. In all sports, good teams get their talented players to star and their less talented players to fill useful roles. The Jets have a talented player in Jonathan Vilma, but since Vilma does not fit into Eric Mangini and Bob Sutton's defense, they are ready to give him away at a time when his trade value is minimal.

5. I find all of the long-winded posts about the concert ban to be well-meaning, but silly. Don't they know that the Internet is banned by many of the same gedoilim too?

6. Al Montoya and Marcel Hossa for a couple of minor leaguers and a third or fourth liner? Either Montoya was a terrible pick at #6 overall or this was a terrible trade. Or both, perhaps.