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Thursday, March 27, 2008
Gotay Joins Elite Group

Last season, Ruben Gotay filled in admirably at second base, hitting .295 with 4 homers, 24 RBIs, a .421 slugging percentage and 12 doubles over 190 at bats.

Despite Gotay's production, in late July the Mets traded for Luis Castillo. That move made sense, as Castillo's experience looked to be an asset during the playoffs. Alas, the Mets collapsed, with Castillo's production not quite as good as Gotay's. Over 199 at bats, Castillo hit .296 with one homer, 20 RBIs, eight doubles, two triples and a .372 slugging percentage. Castillo did steal 10 bases to Gotay's three.

After the season, the Mets rewarded Castillo and his bad knees with a 4 year $25 million contract. Today, they released Gotay.

Gotay's sin is that Willie Randolph doesn't like him. Last season. Randolph repeatedly dismissed Gotay's success as a fluke.

Willie and Omar Minaya have a thing about young players. They couldn't wait to get rid of Jeff Keppinger (for Gotay), Heath Bell and Brian Bannister, all of whom have been outstanding since leaving the Mets. Lastings Milledge was traded away for two mediocre and easily replaceable players. On the other hand, no matter how awful he played, they kept giving Anderson Hernandez opportunity after opportunity.

Willie and Omar also have a thing about old players. "Give us your tired," they proclaim, as they sign ancients like Julio Franco, Orlando Hernandez and Moises Alou to long-term deals, bring back Jose Valentin, sign has-beens like Jose Lima, Brian Lawrence and Chan Ho Park and Fernando Tatis, and even never have-beens like Nelson Figueroa.

In the case of Gotay, Willie apparently does not like his fielding. Willie wasn't with the Mets then (though Omar was), but back in 2000, that was the Mets' explanation for sending Melvin Mora and three other players for mediocre shortstop Mike Bordick.

Gotay may or may not be another Melvin Mora or Jeff Keppinger. He might just be no more than a backup infielder.

The problem with Willie and Omar is that yet again, they refuse to give a young player a chance. When injuries hit the Mets, as they always do to older teams, don't give Randolph and Minaya a free pass.

Finally, if Tatis is so good, why didn't the Mets ever call him up from AAA last season, when he hit more than 20 homers and 30 doubles? Instead, the Mets traded two prospects for Jeff "Weekend At Bernie's" Conine, who proceeded to hit a sterling .195.