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Tuesday, March 18, 2008
Ten Comments

1. This morning, opposing counsel was kind enough to give me a ride from court to midtown Manhattan, and I listened to Obama's speech in his car on the way. Whatever one thinks about Obama and regardless of whether the speech alleviated concerns about him, Obama was thoughtful and intelligent and his speech much more substantive than almost anything else I've heard from politicians.

2. I happen to have no problem with African-Americans feeling enraged at the United States. A history of slavery, legalized segregation, workplace discrimination, and a biased criminal "justice" system will inevitably have that result.

The issue, ultimately, is channeling that rage in a manner that does not include hatred toward white Americans.

3. Unlike his speech today that primarily dealt with race, Obama has still not said anything very original about Israel.

4. Why is "the free market" sacrosanct when it comes to individuals and families going through a rough time, but the government can spend tens of billions bailing out mismanaged banks?

Yeah, I know, it's to save the economy. Fine. But in that case, the free market approach isn't really sacrosanct at all, is it?

5. To the extent that it relates to Arabs who are not citizens of Israel, Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky's call for Israeli Jews to not hire Arabs because "we are war with them" strikes me as the sort of common sense that Israelis have failed to internalize.

6. Very few Jets fans are happy with the team's offseason moves. While they may be right, it's hard to escape the sense that Jets fans are too jaded to be pleased about anything.

For what it's worth, I am among those who feel that the Jets are paying way too much for players headed toward the downside of their respective careers. Yet when the Mets have, over the years, made similar moves, their fans reacted with excitement.

Maybe Mets fans are stupider, or maybe the 1986 World Series has bought the Mets a few decades of respite from fan revolt.

7. Speaking of revolt, the Rangers' power play is revolting and unwatchable.

Now that I've said that, let's hope for two power play goals tonight.

8. The Mets should have signed Kyle Lohse to be their number 5 starter.

9. The Days Inn (used to be called Quality Inn) on the Upper West Side features prominently in today's news. I stayed there for shabbos a number of times in 2003 and 2004 and remember the staff almost going out of its way to not accommodate my Shabbos related issues.

10. Is it possible to get an economy ticket via El Al's Matmid system? In July many of my points will expire, yet El Al seems to offer almost no dates on which coach seats can be redeemed. Perhaps a class action is in order. Or must I take El Al to a beis din?