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Tuesday, March 11, 2008
More Of The Same

I'm back from California, but will have little time or energy to post over the next few weeks. Some quick thoughts:

1. The mass murder at Yeshiva Mercaz HaRav is particularly devastating for those of us in the religious Jewish community. The latest to be murdered and maimed join a huge list of victims since Arafat's terror war commenced in September 2000 and since terror spiked shortly after the Oslo Accords.

Nothing will change, however, because nothing ever changes when Jews are murdered in Israel. Jews have been murdered in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, in Eilat and Beersheva, in Netanya and Haifa, and nearly everywhere else in Israel. Not to mention the disgraceful situation in Sderot, which Israel's government has apparently forgotten lies within its borders.

The world long ago got used to the idea of Jews being murdered, and in recent years, so have we - even if, again, particular murders are particularly painful to some of us.

The Arabs will continue their celebrations in honor of their heroic mass murderers, George W. and Condi and the rest of the world will repeat the usual nonsense about "the peace process" and business will go on as usual.

2. For various reasons, it is appropriate to feel disdain for the Olmert government. What is not appropriate is for R. Herschel Schachter to mention the idea of shooting Prime Minister Olmert to a group of yeshiva students.

Even accepting R. Schachter's statement in his apology that he was only joking, his statement was utterly deplorable. There is nothing funny about the idea of murdering the prime minister, and the "I wasn't serious" defense is not acceptable a little more than 12 years after the shooting of Prime Minister Rabin by a former yeshiva student.

(Note to any potential commenters pretending to be right-wing extremists: While I accept and support open and free debate and my policy has always been to allow all comments, in this case, I will delete comments supporting the murder of Israeli leaders.)

3. The Jets' flurry of activity has the look of a GM and coach desperate to keep their jobs beyond 2008. The four major moves all improve the team, but it is questionable whether the amounts paid can be justified in a salary cap era.

4. As for the Mets, the excitement of the Johan Santana acquisition is now predictably being tempered by concerns over injuries, depth in the outfield and the starting rotation, and the bullpen.

Not to mention that they are still managed by Willie Randolph.