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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Banned By The New York Mets

Following my posting a little while ago of "Hating The Mets," I received an e-mail from the Mets saying "you're no longer welcome at Shea Stadium."

I appreciated having had a chance to attend so many games at Shea. Recently I had a chance to watch Oliver Perez implode, something he repeated today.

It is of course the prerogative of The New York Mets - a private enterprise - to declare me persona non grata. But I confess to being disappointed to receiving an e-mail stating "you're no longer welcome at Shea Stadium." I kept going to Shea even when Dallas Green was manager. I booed Bobby Bonilla, founded the Rick Reed fan club, and loved Bill Buckner even when he was a Cub.

But I don't think that's how the team sees it. To them, it seems, rooting for Mets is a privilege that I have now squandered.