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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hating The Mets

I do not play for the Mets. But I am a fan of their team. That said there is much room for improvement on the Mets, who are losing 13-1 in the ninth inning. There is much dispute in their front office and ownership as to where and what that improvement should be. Needless to say the same thing can be said about any sports team.

But that is not the way a certain sports commentator thinks. He believes that one must hate the Mets. And he says this in the name of baseball. Here is an excerpt from an e-mail exchange from a young woman seeking his advice that is making the rounds on the internet.

Q: I've found that with the majority of boys that Ive dated, they often focus just on football and not on baseball. For example, several boys I've dated have spoken pure lashon harah on the date about certain teams. Often, boys bash the Mets. I'm not AT ALL the Mets type, but even if I dont agree with them, I would never speak lashon hara, and bash an entire team.

A: Who paskined for you that it is lashon harah to speak against the Mets? The Mets suck!!! David Wright couldn't even play for Scranton! Johan Santana is too scared to pitch against the DH! Willie Randolph could never wear a Yankees uniform! My sister has more bat speed than Carlos Delgado!

Based on the tenor of the questioner in this e-mail exchange he seems to command quite a bit of respect. That sickens me even more. How on earth does a fellow like this rise to any level of respect? Can you imagine how many people he has turned against the Mets? He takes people who are already opposed to the Mets and tells them that’s not enough. One must HATE THE NEW YORK METROPOLITANS.

This young woman in this e-mail exchange had an honorable approach. Although she did not agree with the Mets it bothered her that her ‘dates’ bashed the Mets so much. But that wasn’t good enough for this fellow. One must BASH the Mets.

I do not believe that is the current sentiment among Yankees fans. I realize that they do everything in their power to discourage attendance at Shea Stadium and don't even like CitiField either. I have heard many negative statements by them about the Mets. But never anything like this. There are apparently a few individuals who take it that far and this fellow is one of them. Unfortunately he is in a position of great influence.

And he is not alone. In one case I know from a few years ago, a young man who did not impress me as overly zealous or extreme in any way turned down a Shadchan’s recommendation to date the daughter of one of the top Mets fans. Why? Because her father was a Mets fan!