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Friday, April 25, 2008
Jets Draft Preview

1. Much of the talk is about whether the Jets will draft Darren McFadden or Vernon Gholston, but while I'd be okay with either, it's likely that both will be gone by the time the Jets pick sixth. In particular, the Raiders will likely pick McFadden fourth, and unless Chris Long falls, it's hard to see the Chiefs passing on Gholston after trading Jared Allen.

Then the question is whether the Jets would pick Matt Ryan, the top ranked QB in the draft.

The Jets could use a top QB, but it's not clear whether Ryan is one. I haven't seen him play enough to have an informed opinion, but the scouting reports give me some pause. They cite Ryan's poise, leadership, accuracy, intelligence and guts. They also note that he doesn't have the strongest arm and therefore doesn't offer the best vertical passing game, while again reminding us of his ability to spread the ball to different receivers and move the chains.

The scouting reports on Ryan, in other words, sounds a lot like those for Chad Pennington. Unless the Jets think Ryan is much better than Pennington, they should pass, since they already have Pennington, as well as Kellen Clemens.

2. After using three picks to move up and draft him in 2003, the Jets apparently only got a conditional 2009 pick for DeWayne Robertson. The Jets didn't get much more for 2004 first rounder Jonathan Vilma. 2002 first round bust Bryan Thomas remains on the team for now. Fortunately, in 2005 the Jets did not even bother with a 1st rounder, instead sending it to the Raiders for Doug Jolley and the second rounder used to draft Mike Nugent.

Perhaps in a couple of years the Jets will trade D'Brickashaw Ferguson for a sixth round pick, and, as with Robertson, receive strong praise for clearing salary cap space.

One idea for tomorrow's pick might be just trading it now for a conditional fifth round pick in 2010. That way the Jets can (1) avoid being disappointed by another high first round bust (see also, Jones, Lam; Thomas, Blair); (2) avoid using any cap space at all; and (3) look to acquire another late round steal like retired RB and former sixth rounder Cedric Houston.