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Friday, April 11, 2008
Jews and Christians

1. Eric Yoffie, president of the Union for Reform Judaism, insists that Jews do not work with pro-Israel evangelical Christians because of political and theological differences.

The same Eric Yoffie who treats pro-Israel Christians with such disdain and rejection did not hesitate to meet with and speak before Presbyterian Christians calling for divestment from Israel. Then, Yoffie tried to explain to his friends that Israel really, really wants to end the "occupation."

Our theological dispute with the Reform movement is intractable. But there was a time when those deemed American Jewish leaders acted in a manner that put Israel ahead of their own politics. That time is gone, at least for the Reform.

2. Why in hell are there Jews kvetching and begging the Catholic Church to change some prayer about Jews that is recited on Good Friday?

The prayer is not exactly pro-Jewish. I suppose it might even be offensive to Jews, though I doubt many care at all.

But if someone is offended, the appropriate reaction is, at most, to point out the continued intolerance of the Catholic Church. Calling for the Vatican to change this prayer and engaging in discussion and negotiation about this is pathetic. Jews who are so insecure and obsessive about Catholic prayers should find other things to keep busy. They can beg the Presbyterians to pledge some money to the New Israel Fund, start a blog, or get to the bottom of the Levy/Floyd matter.