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Tuesday, May 20, 2008
Four Years Of Seraphic Secret

Today is the fourth anniversary of Robert Avrech's launch of Seraphic Secret, less than a year after Robert and Karen's son, Ariel, passed away.

Seraphic Secret was, then, primarily the expressions - in their most raw form - of grief, loss, and anger felt by a self-described "forever changed" father.

Luke Ford was then running things over at Protocols, and he frequently linked to and quoted Seraphic Secret. Luke's cynicism about most things did not apply to Ariel Avrech, and he wrote a powerful tribute.

What repeatedly came to my mind when I first read Seraphic Secret was Linda Loman's statement in "Death of A Salesman," that "attention must be paid." Attention had to be paid to the life and tragic passing of Ariel Avrech, to the pain felt by Robert and Karen and all bereaved parents, to our community's all too frequent clumsy and foolish response to others' tragedy and loss.

I do not know whether, in the very early days of Seraphic Secret, Robert expected or wanted a large group of readers. But Luke's persistent links to Robert's powerful writing ensured that those of us who did not have privilege of knowing Ariel during his too brief life would never forget him and his accomplishments - as well as the scope of his tragic passing - and that Ariel's legacy does and will endure.