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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The Rabbi Is Right

After listening to Elster wax poetic over Chris Drury's purported "clutch play" and being "great on face offs and intangibles", it was quite a relief to read some informed hockey analysis from The Hockey Rabbi. As the Rabbi writes about Drury:
Drury disappeared long before he injured his ribs. Actually, I'm not really sure Drury ever appeared this post-season. If I hear another person talking about how well Drury does the "little things" I think I'll puke! Drury was NOT signed to his monstrous contract (complete with a "no-movement" clause) in order to do the "little things". Drury was signed in order to score those huge franchise defining playoff goals. You know the type...think Matteau...Matteau". Blair Betts wins face-offs and kills penalties too.
Unlike Drury, after disappearing for most of the 2007-08 season, The Hockey Rabbi came back hard for the playoffs. Hopefully he'll stick around for what will surely be an eventful offseason.