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Tuesday, June 17, 2008
Let's Not Forget That Willie Was Incompetent

Amid the current well deserved anti-Mets media frenzy, it's worthwhile to remember that Willie Randolph was pretty clueless and classless himself. This is the man who forget to tell Ruben Gotay that he had been waived (Gotay learned this from the media) or to tell Jeff Keppinger that Keppinger was "out of the mix" in the Mets infield. Nor, during 2005 when Aaron Heilman was dominant in relief, was Willie aware of this fact.

Of course, we at The Zionist Conspiracy have long been privy to Willie's ineptitude. Indeed, even before Randolph managed his first regular season game, we declared him to be a "moronic fool" for insisting on batting David Wright 8th in the batting order. In June 2005 we were on target about his "low baseball IQ."

Our stance has remained consistent since then. Randolph failed to motivate his players, favored veterans at the expense of young talent, overworked his bullpen by needlessly removing relievers after one or two batters, refused to use Ramon Castro as a pinch-hitter - even when the Mets have carried three catchers - and ultimately lost the respect of his players.

Randolph is hardly solely to blame for the current mess. But the Mets won't be worse off without him.