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Tuesday, June 17, 2008
The Mets Blow Another One

Willie Randolph should have been fired after last season's collapse. After failing to get the Mets back on track in 2008, his firing near the mid-way point of the season is more than justifiable.

What is not justifiable is the classless and clueless manner in which the Mets - probably due to the never ending idiocy of Fred and Jeff Wilpon - handled this matter. Sending Willie and his staff to the West Coast and firing him in middle of the night after the first game of the trip is absurd.

Since only some of Randolph's staff has been fired, I also strongly question the firing of pitching coach Rick Peterson. Particularly now that Mike Pelfrey is finally starting to pitch effectively on a consistent basis (he did lose it in the 7th inning last night when Pedro Feliciano made sure to let the runners he inherited from Pelfrey score), it is difficult to understand the point of changing pitching coaches. Likely, as with most things associated with the Mets, this was an ad hoc decision based hardly if at all on anything that actually relates to Peterson himself.