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Monday, August 11, 2008
The Favre Hype

Some more thoughts about Brett Favre and the Jets:

1. As jetsphan correctly stated at the outset, the trade is a strong statement of no-confidence in Kellen Clemens.

The Jets clearly hoped Clemens would beat out Chad Pennington as their starting QB. Actually, even a tie would have sufficed.

The Jets would have traded or released Pennington during the offseason, but there was no veteran free agent QB as good as Pennington.

With camp underway, it was clear that Pennington was going to beat out Clemens. The Jets did not want Chad to be their starter, which is why they pounced when Favre became available.

2. The failure of Clemens to develop reflects poorly on GM Mike Tannenbaum, who drafted Clemens in the second round in 2006 after passing on Matt Leinart in round one to select D'Brickishaw Ferguson. Ferguson has been mediocre, while third round pick Anthony Schlegel did not even make the team last year.

If Leinart becomes a star and Ferguson again is repeatedly beaten by defensive ends, the 2006 draft will be a disaster for the Jets.

3. I may be alone among Jets fans, but I do not like the trade. Favre is almost 39, has to learn the offense in a very short time and takes up a ton of cap space with his $12 million salary.

4. The Jets paid a higher price for Favre than most appreciate. 2nd and 3rd round picks have to sign long-term contracts for relatively little money, and giving them up for a short-term fix of Brett Favre is foolish.

Favre makes the Jets wildcard contenders, but they already were wildcard contenders. It's very unlikely that he could lead the Jets past teams like the Patriots, Colts or Chargers in the playoffs.

The goal of any sports franchise should be to win a championship. I don't believe the Favre trade moves the Jets toward that goal.

5. Rather, I believe the trade has a lot to do with PSLs. Even if the excitement proves to be short-lived, having Favre on board in 2008 will make it easier for the Jets to convince fans to shell out thousands of dollars per season ticket.