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Thursday, August 21, 2008
The FFL Draft

Since a number of members of our fantasy football league have weighed in on last Saturday night's draft, I figured I'd post some observations from my perspective.

I usually enjoy the pre-draft banter, but with my younger son sick was late to log on. Then, at around 10:04 - eleven minutes before the draft started - I checked my e-mail to ensure in my capacity as league manager that nobody was having any trouble logging on. Alas, Jewboy had e-mailed me with that problem. We spoke on the phone, with JB finally joining the draft just after his turn to pick 6th came.

I picked eighth and last in the first round, and was pleased that Steven Jackson was still available. I had ranked Jackson 5th overall.

The second and third rounds were unusual, with lots of quarterbacks and wide receivers selected, but very few running backs. By the time I picked at #24 at the end of the 3rd round, all of the elite quarterbacks were gone and seven WRs had been taken. Passing up some other solid WRs to stick with my ranking of the best available players, I selected Clinton Portis and #24 and Reggie Bush at #25, giving me three strong running backs in a league in which two can play.

As usual, I kicked off the drafting of defensive players when I picked Patrick Willis in the 6th round. I had Willis and David Harris ranked almost equally as the top defensive player, but went with Willis because I had hoped that Harris might still be available when I next picked at #56, at the end of round 7. But MoC astutely made Harris the second defender taken when his turn came in round 6.

I did not pick a quarterback until Matt Hasselback in round 8 and did not pick a number 2 wide receiver until round 11. I was pleased that Brandon Marshall fell to the 12th round. When he returns from his suspension, Marshall should be a solid number 2 WR.

I had hoped to snag Marvin Harrison in round 13, but MoC picked him up early in thar round. As soon as MoC made his pick, my computer started going haywire. The result was that Marcus Trufant - whom I had pre-ranked as among my top DBs - was automatically selected when my time ran out while my screen was frozen. I did not want Trufant there because he and Bob Sanders, my previously selected DB, have the same bye week. But for now he'll be a decent option at DB.

My computer froze again in round 18, resulting in Donald Lee being drafted for me. I did not want Lee and did want Zach Thomas, so subsequently waived Lee and picked up Thomas. I was surprised that Thomas - always among the top LBs prior to his injury riddled 2007 season - went undrafted.

Overall, I was pleased with my draft. A few questionable picks aside, I also felt that my competition knew what they were doing and also drafted well.