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Friday, August 29, 2008
On McCain-Palin

My first reaction - around two hours ago - to reports that John McCain has selected Sarah Palin as his running mate was negative. In particular, how can the 72 year old McCain continue to argue that Barack Obama lacks experience now that his VP candidate is significantly less experienced than Obama?

I also am skeptical that Palin will be very popular with very many Hillary Clinton supporters, in light of her staunchly conservative views.

Nevertheless, McCain's other options were pretty lousy, so perhaps Palin is not such a bad choice. She offers something very different from the array of boring white men who were McCain's other options, is a real "Washington outsider", and is reportedly very popular in Alaska.

This also makes the race more interesting.

Joe Lieberman would have been a lousy choice for McCain's VP candidate. Worse, in the event McCain were to win, would be Lieberman as Secretary of State.

As the great Sidney Zion wrote when Lieberman was Al Gore's VP nominee, Lieberman would require a full-time chiropractor in the State Department, as he'd be bending over backwards to show his loyalty is not to Israel.