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Friday, August 29, 2008
On Obama

I did not vote in 2000 or in 2004, and do not intend to vote in this election. This post is not an endorsement of either presidential candidate.

The historic nature of Obama's candidacy should be recognized by his supporters and detractors alike - and also by those who are undecided or whom will not vote for either candidate.

This is a country that enslaved people because of their skin color, that enforced segregation based upon the notion of "separate but equal" and that refused to allow many of its best athletes to play in its best sports leagues.

Obviously a lot of progress was made well prior to Obama's ascendance. African-Americans have increasingly risen to prominence in the army, in the business world, in politics, and in sports - as managers, coaches and GMs.

And on the other hand, with or without an Obama presidency, there will still be racial issues that will not be resolved and will not disappear. There will still be too much racially-based job discrimination and de facto neighborhood segregation, and day-to-day slights will persist. Too many young urban African-Americans will still mostly know whites based on their interactions with local police officers.

But Obama - his bi-racial family, his academic achievements at Columbia and Harvard, his election to the Senate, and finally his nomination for the presidency - symbolize and represent the most significant indications of this country's progression from its shameful past toward the ideals expressed in its Constitution.