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Monday, September 15, 2008
Bring Back Pedro

Another gutsy performance tonight by Pedro Martinez against a very tough Washington lineup.

Cynics point to Pedro's 5.47 ERA this season and his 17 wins over the last three seasons to argue that he's not quite worth the $14 million or so per year he's been making. Of course, real Mets fans know that if not for Pedro, the Mets would not have been able to attract superstar free agents like Billy Wagner, Moises Alou and Luis Castillo.

If the Mets want to retain impending free agents like Alou, El Duque Hernandez and Luis Ayala, they must also do everything possible to bring back Pedro.

After turning the Mets around, Pedro deserves a three-year deal with a nice raise so he can continue complimenting team mascot Mr. Met at Citi Field through at least 2011.

I am confident that Omar Minaya will indeed do everything possible to bring Pedro back.

When Pedro chooses to end his Hall of Fame career and his number 45 is retired, the only question will be whether he will enter Cooperstown as a member of the Mets or the Red Sox.