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Monday, September 22, 2008
NFL Mystery

What is wrong with the Kansas City Chiefs, who have now lost 12 straight games?

A few hotheads aside, informed observers are well aware that Herm Edwards is among the NFL's elite head coaches. Few men can motivate their players like Herm does, and he is acclaimed for producing very tough defenses and teams that play hard every week.

There are two explanations. First, the Chiefs have been battered by injuries. Indeed, they are so decimated that Herm must be credited for keeping the team as motivated as they are.

Second, unfortunately, with the exception of Dick ("Who Am I? What Am I Doing Here") Curl, KC may need to make a move to replace some of its assistant coaches. While Herm is an intensely loyal man, his coordinators are not playcalling to his high standards.

It may take a few seasons for the Chiefs to get back on track, but there is little doubt that with Herm at the helm, their future is bright.