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Wednesday, September 03, 2008
Palin Fallout: The Jews Are Nuts

That's the only reaction that makes sense to an honest observer of the absurd back-and-forth between Democrat and Republican Jews concerning Sarah Palin.

There are very few Jews in Alaska, and Israel is not covered quite as extensively there as, say, in New York. It is hardly surprising that Palin has no record whatsoever on issues of particular interest to Jewish Americans.

That has not stopped liberal Jews from coming up with tidbits to support their notion that Palin agrees with Pat Buchanan about Jews and Israel, and that she believes Israelis are killed in terror attacks because Jews have not accepted Jesus as the messiah.

Nor has it stopped Republican Jews, in response, from insisting that because Palin has met with Israelis once or twice and once even put a little Israeli flag in her office, she is a strong supporter of Israel and is a friend of the Jews.

There is nothing wrong with Jewish Americans feeling strongly about issues that are important to them, and wanting to know where political candidates stand on those issues.

But that does not mean that the world revolves around us.

Most of us know this. But political hacks do not, and in the process they are making all of us look crazy.