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Monday, September 22, 2008
Week 3

1. Ben Graham looked a lot better.

2. Can someone introduce Leon Washington to Brian Schottenheimer?

3. Is it too early in the season to repeat that Bob Sutton is not an NFL defensive coordinator?

4. Why does it always seem that Eric Smith is in on every blown coverage?

5 Ron Jaworski said that it takes years for a QB to learn a new team's offense.

Unless, I suppose, that QB and new team is Drew Brees and the Saints.

Or Vinny Testaverde and the Jets.

Or Chad Pennington and the Dolphins.

6. Did I misconstrue something or did Jaworski seem to think that David Harris is a DB and David Barrett an LB?

And did I hear Mike Tirico proclaim that Brad Smith has made big progress as a WR?

7. D'Brickishaw and Faneca look good as decoys on all those runs to the right side.

D'Brickishaw still looks lousy in pass protection.

8. Couldn't at least one 2008 Jets game have fallen out on a Jewish holiday?

At least the week after next is the bye.

9. I hear Herm Edwards may be in trouble. Any chance we could trade Mangini to the Chiefs for a pick?

Perhaps Jewboy - who I believe is from Kansas City - can opine on that one.

10. Nice move waiving rookie WR Marcus Henry to resign Ben Graham. Four QBs, two kickers and two punters on a 53 player roster. Makes sense to me!

10a. Thus far my children (not yet four and two, respectively) don't seem too interested in football. Perhaps there's hope for the next generation!

10b. Hockey will be back next Saturday. Let's go Rangers!