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Sunday, September 28, 2008
Week Four

1. I had tickets today for both the Jets and the Mets. I decided to go to the Jets' game, figuring I also had playoff and World Series tickets for the Mets and that if the Mets lost I didn't want to be at Shea. It was, alas, the right move.

2. Following Favre's terrible first quarter interception, the passing game looked great. Yet I still am not too confident about the running game.

3. Kris Jenkins and Calvin Pace were outstanding again today.

4. After a strong performance in weeks one and two, Dwight Lowery is looking like a rookie.

5. Bad job by the special teams on the Cards' onside kicks. The Jets were very lucky when Arizona touched the 4th quarter try just before the 40 yard line.

The special teams unit does deserve credit for blocking the field goal early in the game.

6. Once again the Jets had huge success when they blitzed, so why did defensive coordinator Bob Sutton play so softly for much of the second half, allowing Arizona to score five touchdowns, largely by dinking and dunking? Of course, the Jets defensive players deserve blame for this too; their intensity seemed to go down after the Jets took a 34-0 halftime lead.